Firefox is still the least secure web browser, falls to four zero-day exploits at Pwn2Own

ExtremeTech - At Pwn2Own 2014, an annual computer hackfest in Vancouver, Mozilla’s Firefox has proven yet again that it’s the least secure major web browser. While all four major web browsers — Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari — were successfully exploited, for a grand total of $850,000 in prize money awarded to successful security researchers

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thorstein2778d ago

Not to pick nits, but I am pretty sure it is still safari, which even Paypal and others don't allow members to use.

Dasteru2771d ago

The thing is, Firefox is also by far the most extendable of all browsers. It can be very easily enhanced with security extensions such as Adblock, Noscript, Ghostery, etc. You can even add built in proxies such as HideMyAss and create full site blacklists using extensions like Blocksite.

Also did they use all the default browser security settings? they are all set to off or low by default and can greatly enhance security when set properly. Functions such as blocking reported web forgeries, blocking known attack sites, private browsing mode, block auto page reloads. Set up properly, with a few basic extensions, Firefox is easily the most secure browser.