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Ever wondered how Amazon delivers your packages so quickly?

Vyralize: Back in 2012, Amazon shipped an estimated 306 packages per minute, which is about 26 million per day. But have you ever wondered how the giant online store became so efficient at what it does? No, it’s not because of UAVs.

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Tzuno3484d ago Show
slinky1234563484d ago

Quick? Sure it's a lot but I have always received my packages in a long period of time from them. They give you an estimated delivery of 2 weeks almost every time, and it starts 2-3 days after your order sometimes. Ordering direct from companies I get them in 3 days time. That's why I don't use Amazon anymore.

Speed-Racer3484d ago

Isn't it based on your shipping priority selection as well? And if you buy from the warehouse vs. a 3rd party seller? I've ordered stuff and gotten it the next day, but obviously at a higher cost for shipping.

slinky1234563484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

That's true. I definitely meant the cheapest of the shipping selections though. Other sites offer 2-5 day shipping while Amazon uses the same service shipper (Fedex/UPS/USPS) and it gets out much later.

Seems to be they have too much going on and they can't handle to get something out quick enough from their warehouses. Obvious enough when they use the same shipping method.

GameSpawn3483d ago

It matters if you have Prime or not. As a Prime user, I've gotten many of my orders with the 2 day standard Prime shipping and always recieved them within 2 business days. Overnight is an issue on the weekends because our weekend FedEx driver does not have a key to get into our apartment complex and there are no door bells on our complex since the last renovation -- so weekend deliveries are always missed.

When you don't have Prime the Free Super Saver shipping is very erratic as it always ships via the cheapest USPS/UPS Ground/FedEx Ground Shipping option and depending upon your distance from the shipping warehouse this could take 5-7 days.

With Prime, ALL Free SuperSaver shipping options on products are upgraded to Free 2-day UPS or FedEx (Air) shipping options and overnight 1 day shipping is just a few bucks per item regardless of size/weight. At $80 a year Prime will pay for itself after a half dozen or so orders in overnight and 2nd day shipping savings alone. When I first signed up for Prime it paid for itself in one order, because I bought a 47" TV and got free 2 day shipping (normally would have been $100+ in shipping).

RE_L_MAYER3484d ago

it would be nice if my packages came in in a square box instead of a triangle mush

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Art10253d ago

Geez, more tech layoffs. They need to start capping salaries and any profits for the next year go to laid off employees.