You could name the next historic space mission: ESA wants your suggestion

Vyralize: The European Space Agency is allowing the public to submit potential titles for a future expedition to the International Space Station.

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GreetingsEarthlings2782d ago

Submitted my entry! Very good to see the ESA involving the public like this.

Porcelain_Chicken2782d ago

Whatcha put? Personally I'd put Soaring Puppies Aliens, Catapults & Elephants.

S.P.A.C.E.Mission for short.

GreetingsEarthlings2781d ago

Aliens, catapaults and elephants? Jeez of only we were testing those things in space!
I submitted 'Mountain' mission, considering the astronaut is called Peake. Get it?? Mountain PEAKE? eyyyy!

Porcelain_Chicken2781d ago

Haha nice! I love puns. When Peake reads it he's gunna be like "Mr. Peake's Mountain Mission? That GreetingsEarthlings guy is a silly genius sunvabish". Or maybe that's just me.

Wait they don't use catapults to go into outer space? o_o How the eff do they get up there then? Also there's definitely Alien puppies out there. Fact. Elephant is the name of the Space Shuttl... er I mean the catapult. See,

Soaring Puppy Aliens, Catapulting Elephants.