ZTE to announce its Nubia X6 on March 25th in Beijing, China

Androidvibe: The device rumoured to be the Nubia Z7 from ZTE, will be apparently released as the Nubia X6. Nubia X6 will be released pretty soon, but its official announcement has been set for this month, on March 26th. The Chinese company has been leaking purposely some images or hints about the new device, which will be announced at 1 day away from the “All new HTC One” announcement, which will take place on March 25th. The Taiwanese manufacturer, HTC, has not been so generous with the information about its new flagship, but it rather let the rumours to create interest in its device. However, this interest might get stolen by the intelligent strategy of the Chinese ZTE, which decided to get free ride on the big news of HTC that has been around the market for more than a month.

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