Nokia celebrates 1 Million Nokia X pre-orders in China

Android Beat-The Nokia X was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated announcements of the year. And considering the pricing that Nokia is going with, it’s quite obvious that there will be massive demand in global markets. That’s exactly what we’re hearing from China, as the smartphone has reportedly registered pre-orders of over 1 million within four days since it was made available.

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TechImperia2779d ago

in other news, 10 reasons not to buy the Nokia X

Though the final call is yours, "make a wise decision".

Settler2779d ago

I don't think these reasons will stop people from buying first nokia android Smartphone :D

Even I'm expecting the same response from other Asian countries

TechImperia2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

True, I agree with you completely given the fact that its a first android phone from Nokia. I am also expecting sales to be huge here in India also.

Even I made my mind to buy the Nokia X but yesterday I went to a Nokia Priority store and used Nokia X for a good 15 minutes. Trust me it doesn't have much on offer and is not worth it. Better to buy a Lumia 525 or some other android device if you are not a Windows Phone fan.

allan852778d ago

The information is wrong! There are 1 million pre-registrations not pre-orders.