The toddler with a homemade robotic exoskeleton

Vyralize: When a box of LEGO or a Barbie doll doesn’t quite cut it, how about investing in a two-metre tall exoskeleton to occupy your toddler?

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SilentNegotiator2869d ago

Looks safe. As we know, walking robots never...


GreetingsEarthlings2869d ago

Jeez, imagine if the robot got loose in a public place. People would think infants are taking over!

Ninte2869d ago

Yes it looks safe with all those cables hanging out

cyclindk2869d ago

One, didn't like it when it was in the street with the car

Two, there should have been another baby controlling an alien queen robot

Three, missing the welding torch

BaconBits2869d ago

It is a cool costume but anyone thinking this is a real robot needs their head checked :)

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