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Company Claiming Rights To “Flappy” Trademark Now Sending Notices To App Store Game Developers

TechCrunch: This was bound to happen. A company calling itself “Ultimate Arcade” is attempting to trademark the word “Flappy,” following the fervor around the viral App Store game, “Flappy Bird,” whose disappearance led to the creation of hundreds of clones, parody apps, and other similarly-inspired titles. Of course someone would try to cash in on this craze, but Ultimate Arcade is now not just attempting to gain the trademark for itself – it’s actually going after developers who are using the word “Flappy” in their game’s name, and claiming trademark infringement.

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Soldierone2775d ago

This is where these laws get stupid, luckily these idiots don't have a case.

1 Anything published before the trademark takes place is fine. it states they published a game, but don't have the trademark yet. If anything the people that published their games first can take the trademark themselves as they can showcase dates as to when it was published. i'm sure "flappy" was used before 2006 too, so they'd lose both instances.

2 They can only trademark a game called "flappy" they can't go any further. A subtitle or added word to the title means its a different game. "Flappy Bird" is not "flappy" so it's fine.

3 People are allowed specific rights to parodies, which is what a majority of these are.

And I'm not sure about this one, but you can't trademark or copyright general things. Like you can't copyright the letter "A" and "Flappy" could be too general.

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Tsuru2775d ago

Basicly Ultimate Arcade is going to be paying their lawyers and not getting anything back.

gizmig2774d ago

Don't think they will get any benefit for it as of now.

ajax172775d ago

So sick of this flappy crap