pCell promises speeds 1000 times faster than 4G

Vyralize: Artemis Networks has invented a network technology called pCell, which promises speeds 1000 times faster than 4G.

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twdll2785d ago

If for real that could change mobile communication as much as the iPhone did.

iNFAMOUZ12785d ago

Yea and I can speak 1000 languages from other worlds

MajorLazer2785d ago

Wonder how much it would cost.. 4G costs a bucket load as of now

awiseman2785d ago

All about money if Smartphones never took off I guarantee you 4g would be dirt cheap.

TechImperia2785d ago

Not Possible. This much price is not feasible not even for a network that can be 1000 times faster than 4G.

MajorLazer2785d ago

He was being sarcastic..

TechImperia2785d ago

Come on guys don't be rude. it will be Only 99999$ per month imo.

Gondee2785d ago

i have faith in Steve to deliver a good technology, but i don't know if it can penetrate a fucking corrupt business. Telecoms are really milking what they haven now, so i would imagine this is 10 plus years off if not a derivative