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These real-life photos from space will blow your mind

Vyralize: In commemoration of the movie Gravity, NASA has released a 31 photo set on its Flickr account, showing off some of their snapshots from space. Here are just a few of the amazing shots of both space and Earth. Be sure to check out the entire album for more eye candy.

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windblowsagain3553d ago

Looks sweet.

Can't wait till man one day walks on the moon.

Dark_king3553d ago

about 45 years to late on that one. Im not even going to provide links, some people just can't see the truth no matter how hard you hit them with it.

SilentNegotiator3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

I feel like I've already seen similar pictures of most of these shots. I mean, they're still cool, but "mind blowing" - for pictures of astronauts in orbit and earth lit up and such - in 2014 is kinda overselling it.

Dark_king3553d ago

Yea some of them are old, like you said cool but not mind blowing.

Tzuno3553d ago

all that light from the earth make me think that we are nothing more than energy for higher forces...


Rolls-Royce knocks small nuclear reactor for moon bases and space travel

Most people still only think of premium cars when they think of Rolls-Royce. The business has begun using its extensive knowledge of nuclear-powered engines for space exploration.

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NASA is literally going to fling satellites into space

With a giant slingshot. We're not kidding.

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Difference Between Attach and Weld in the Cricut Design Space App

Today, I will talk about two functions within the Design Space app that often get confused: Attach and Weld tools. At first, using the Cricut machine was a little trouble to understand the difference between these two tools. Once you know these tools, Design Space will be easy to use and a lot of fun. You can use the program better and make designs more quickly.

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