Google faces lawsuit filed by US parents over in-app purchases by kids

TNW - Google is facing a class action lawsuit filed by parents in the US whose children downloaded a free or modestly-priced game on Google Play, and then chalked up charges for in-app game currency without the parents’ knowledge or authorization, according to a press release issued by law firm Berger & Montague.

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Spiewie 2780d ago

doubt they will win the case.

TechImperia2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Irrespective of the outcome, in-app purchases are really annoying though. I would prefer paid apps instead of ones supported by in-app purchases.

KingPin2779d ago

they should really implement a two-stage security system for some parents whereby to install any paid application or make purchases, both pins need to be entered. that way the parent can keep one pin safe knowing without it that their kids cant go on a spending spree. For non-parents who use their own phones and don't wanna keep entering dual pins, they can use the system as is.