The mystery of flight MH370: How on earth, with all our technology, do we lose a giant plane?

ExtremeTech: Very little new information has come to light since this story was first published this morning. Despite some oil slicks and debris being found in the South China Sea, authorities have confirmed that they didn’t originate from the MH370. Numerous experts have attested to the Boeing 777′s excellent reliability and safety record, and puzzlement at how it could vanish from the skies.

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ajax172782d ago

ALIENS!!! Where's Mulder?!

gizmig2782d ago

No idea where it can be but totally amazed with so much advance technology we have and it is still missing.

windblowsagain2782d ago

We still can't find squadron that was lost at sea in the 50's.

But they should know exactly where that plane is.

gizmig2781d ago

Almost 12-14 countries are altogether has joined their hands to take part in search and rescue operation and still not a single sign of it. What will you say about that?

johny52782d ago

Sadly this is not the first time a modern advanced aircraft has gone missing over seas nor the last? :(

TwistedMetal2782d ago

how about they go to the place they last seen the plane on the radar and start from there while flying to th same destination?

These people are just incompetent

ironfist922782d ago

Youre pretty stupid if you think that ISNT what they have been doing.

Speed-Racer2782d ago

@Twisted - What do you think they've been doing for the past 2-3 days?

TwistedMetal2782d ago

not enough if they cant find the freaking plane. They really need to question all the workers and employees who had anything to do with that plane as well as the familys of the passengers. they need to call the cellphones of those on the plane.

Speed-Racer2782d ago

Come on, man. Have you been following the news at all? Everything you've said so far, they have done. Hopefully this should bring some insight into why they haven't found the aircraft yet

redknight802782d ago

....that is what they have been doing up until this point....jeez man. They look from the flight plan and search increasingly greater circles/grids around that area based off of the information known. What did you think they were doing??

TwistedMetal2782d ago

well they need to find the freaking plane or shut up about it. tired of people acting like its all mission impossible or something. Matter of fact this plane is not even from any of your guys countrys and i doubt you would see the u.s lossing a plane. obviously the pilot was a stoner to crash a plane in perfect weather. the fact that everyone on the flight is dead means we dont even need to find the plane.

Speed-Racer2782d ago

@Twisted - It's a US built plane, so the US has every right to get involved. Half of the jets flying across the world are built by Boeing and many airlines use the 777. A fundamental flaw in one can mean a flaw in the entire triple 7 fleet, so that's why it's imperative that they find it as soon as possible to possibly avoid future incidents. That's assuming it's a flaw. As for calling the pilot a stoner, how can you even draw that assumption if you don't know yet what happened to the aircraft?

redknight802782d ago

Times like this, I truly love this bubble system because I know you can't write back anymore with your nonsense. Calling the pilot a stoner and saying we all have no reason to get involved because the plane is not from our individual country of origin is such a disrespectful thing to say. For one, there were people from different nationalities on the plane...the other thing...well they are humans and I feel sad for their families that are sitting there not knowing what happened to their loved ones. But hey, maybe we should follow your truly expert advice and as you said "they need to call the cellphones of those on the plane."...jerk.

N4OGs2781d ago

a pilot who forgets to use or follow the proper procedures leading into being lost from the face of the earth has to have been intoxicated or stoned out of his mind. Do the pilots have any past history that will draw red flags? This is like the Movie flight only the pilots did the complete opposite of saving the day.

ironfist922782d ago

I cant even fathom how incompetent you are. they HAVE tried calling the phones.

If you dont understand something, please do the world a favour and dont comment on it.

N4OGs2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

I think that dude is pretty competent. The ones who are incompetent are those who lost a 747 aircraft that's bigger then a whale with more electronics on it then tony starks iron man suit. Its like im watching home alone movies and I am just like what in the heck how do you lose your kid again.

umm so for the last how many days everyone has been searching in the wrong place despite the military apparently knowing it was 500km off course

its obvious something is being hidden from the public, because it looks like noone in asia has any clue what planes do and where they go once in the air
this is an intolerable way of handling the relatives of the people lost on the plane

infact the only thing that has been absolutely made clear is that there was no terrorist link between the 2 iranians on stolen passports, this is despite noone knowing what the hell has happened

this whole thing stinks of rotten fish


sjaakiejj2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )


The problem is that the plane suffered a catastrophic failure - all the electronics in the plane that should have given away its location were never triggered. It is likely that the plane disintegrated in mid-air. Now if that's what happened, you go ahead and find the wreckage in the ocean. It's a lot harder than you might think. Sure the plane is big, but the ocean is a billion times bigger. It's finding a needle in a haystack, and it'll take weeks if not months before they find this plane, and it has nothing to do with incompetence.

As for the military report - that has already been denied by the person who was supposedly quoted.

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