Sony And Panasonic Announce "Archival Disc," Next-Gen Optical Disc That Can Store 300 GB Of Data

ThatNaijaBlog - The Archival Disc is five times larger than the Blu-Ray disc and should store up to 1 TB of data in future

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TechImperia2873d ago

Discs have become obsolete now, people feel more comfortable in using their 1TB hard disks these days.

SnakeCQC2873d ago

Not really; hdds because of the way the are have many points of potential failure. If one thing inside the hdd fails it can be impossible to retrieve your stuff. Having a large disc like this especially if its rewritable is going to be great.

TechImperia2873d ago

yeah you explained it right, but i was talking in layman's terms that it is gonna be hard for people to switch back to discs even if they provides 1TB of storage in the future. they just wouldn't find it very comfortable to switch, though its very debatable that discs are more secure than a HDD or not since a disc can develop scratches very easily which would just render it unusable , also not completely denying possibilities of a possible HDD Component failure too.

SnakeCQC2873d ago

blu rays are all coated with a very tough scratch proof layer.

badz1492872d ago


if you have ever own a BD movie or BD PS3 game, you would know that the data side has protective layer and it would need a real effort to dent a scratch on it. slide it on the table, on the floor or whatever, it's really nothing fragile like a DVD.

it's just that the problem of using optical medium is the hassle needed to write things on it. it has never been as simple as HDD or SSD where R/RW can be done at will. on disc, you need to rewrite the whole thing over again and it takes a longer time the larger the disc size is.

yezz2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )


Exactly. I've had my ps3 since 2007 and to this day I haven't faced a single scratch on the discs. So unless you rub them against sandpaper for fun you're not going to get scratchy discs...

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proudly_X2873d ago

If the price is relatively at a sweet spot, I think more people will prefer it to a standard HDD. Not excluding the fact that it is dust and water resistance,

Speed-Racer2872d ago

Facebook is using Bluray (I believe) to "cold" store less accessed data. These are really good. I wouldn't mind owning a few myself to store my music and what not.

2pacalypsenow2872d ago

lol I will take a Blu ray movie over some shitty low bitrate Digital movie any day of the week

TechImperia2872d ago

I am amazed to see these many people are in support of the bluray discs. ok, i would prefer them for movies too but for data storage, seriously? if i start to use these bluray discs for storing my data then i am afraid about the tons of hours that would be wasted in writing these discs since i have to move data very frequently or if these discs can be written at 25MB/sec then its another story for another day. though, only time will tell if these might be actually successful.

Dasteru2872d ago

A 16x Blu-ray burner has a write speed of 72MB/s

mushroomwig2872d ago

By that logic hard disks are also obsolete because of solid state drives, clearly it isn't the case.

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ZoyosJD2872d ago

Only if the price is right. Right now they are stating professional oriented only.

We need something, as neither the internet or HDDs are an efficient way to sell 4k movies and such.

MajorGecko2873d ago

i had data stored on rewritable dvd's for 5-6 years and i threw one into my pc last month and it was blank. I hope these blu ray doesnt do this aswell.

Dasteru2872d ago

That is a common mistake people make. DVD-RWs are not designed for long term storage, they are primarily for data transfers and typically only last 1-2 years.

The best disks for long term storage are DVD+Rs, preferably ones marked as "Archival grade" if you can afford them.

ajax172873d ago

Whatever happened to Holographic Versatile Discs?

Chevalier2872d ago

Problem with Holographic versatile disc if I recall was that the way all data is stored is not the same which would require the data to be converted before storage. That takes a lot of time, especially if your talking about the complete servers of a company which is one sector they would target to sell the product.

Gadgetgyaan2872d ago

300GB Storage is good but the price will decide its future.

Sgt_Slaughter2872d ago

If they are anything like the high capacity SD cards, then it'll be a lot of dough for 'em.

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