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The 7 Best Apps for When You're Sitting on the Toilet

Mashable: Apps and handling your "business" go together like, well, nobody's business. For proof, look no further than the study that once found 16% of cellphones have poop on them. And, like all universal human truths, this one's even been immortalized in a song: Paul the Trombonist's catchy — and oh-so-aptly titled — "Playing With Your Phone While Sitting on the Toilet."

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Spiewie 3495d ago

Well this is useful hahaha.

gizmig3495d ago

Proper utilization of time indeed. lolzz

TechImperia3495d ago

According to a research in 2011 by google, Forty percent of smartphone users use their device on the toilet. Going by that data i guess these apps will prove to be useful for all those people in 2014 too.

gizmig3494d ago

Absolutely, I totally do agree with you. Many people do listen music while in toilet but there are a lot more people can do with a smartphone and that is what these apps are all about.

vikram10083494d ago

Good news about the utilization of smartphone. Hahaha.

Dasteru3494d ago

App? I just tape a microphone to the inside of the toilet bowl and connect it to a pair of PA speakers. Great when you live in an apartment building.

ajax173494d ago

Music is pretty much all I use...


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