New membrane that can permanently prevent heart attacks

Vyralize: Scientists have developed a 3D glove-like electronic membrane that can be used to stop arrhythmia and prevent heart attacks.

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gizmig2784d ago

Well that's great news. I hope it could be available soon for common people.

cyclindk2784d ago

I need this, I eat too much fast food...

Speed-Racer2784d ago

You can still die from blood clots.

Audiggity2784d ago

... unless he drinks enough soda.

Fact: Fast food is not damaging to humans if you wash it down with enough soda.

Brought to you by Science™

cell9892784d ago

oh so you can use soda to cleanse your body, how awesome, detox products got nothing on soda

cyclindk2784d ago

I think I have several of those forming, sharp chest pains when I eat fast food.

2784d ago
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Trunkz Jr2784d ago

Considering how many ppl die from Heart attacks each year, this is huge....

It says they hope to have it for patients in 10-15 yrs, so hopefully many of us can last until then (expect for cyclindk, he will die of Mcdonalds poisoning).

Captain Qwark 92784d ago

lmfao "McDonalds poisoning".....

i dabble in the D's on occasion but as a whole, its mostly gross. it amazes me how it gets so much business. if the world was filled with peeps with my mind set, McD's would be out of business lol i go maybe twice a year

Jack Bauer2784d ago

A surgery similar to this today is about 100k... new tech like this prolly be like double that... prevents an MI until you get the bill.

goldwyncq2784d ago

Those guys from Epic Meal Time must be using this. It's the only logical explanation of why they're STILL alive.

TechImperia2784d ago

Advancement in science is commendable. Who could have thought about this a decade ago.

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