Dell charging over £16 To Install Firefox

The Register- The Mozilla Foundation has begun an investigation after tech juggernaut Dell appeared to be asking customers to pay £16.25 to install its free web browser Firefox on newly purchased Dell kit.

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TechImperia2885d ago

This is absolutely shocking, someone not aware could be trapped easily.

gizmig2885d ago

Don't have any idea what's the reason for that.

Speed-Racer2884d ago

If you can explain why you have to pay $40 for a different skin color on laptops, which cost no more than black, then you can explain this.

kingPoS2884d ago

Firefox is free to install right. Why not opt out of the it, I know I would if the option were available.

stubbed_out2884d ago

I'm on the Dell site right now - There are also options for BIOS settings (wake-on-lan set to enabled, fastboot set to auto, TPM security set to on/enabled, boot first device...these are all individual options with an £8.40 price tag...and you can bundle them for £9.10!). Oh and there's an extra charge if you want HDD partitioning!

Absolutely shocking! Could end up overtaking EA as Consumer Choice Worst Company of the Year and that's a tall order.

SonyKong642884d ago

disgusting predator greed tactics..

cyclindk2884d ago

Good for amateurs out there to to make a buck, install free antivirus stuff, and any other useful software for people who otherwise don't know how, or don't want to do it themselves.

Still, 30 or so bucks is crazy...

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