Instagram Went Down, And It Might Have Been Justin Bieber’s Fault

TechCrunch - Instagram’s app has been down or suffering extremely long loading times for some over the last 50 minutes. Many suspect the reason is that Justin Bieber posted a photo of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez at an Oscars party (seen above) to his 14 million followers. The post sent his fandom into a frenzy of rumors that they might get back together, which may have caused an outage-inducing traffic spike.

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gizmig2886d ago

I don't think so that could be a possible reason but if it is then surely Instagram has to work a lot.

RetrospectRealm2885d ago

Why would she ever get back with him, especially with what he's up to as of late?

Anyways, I honestly doubt he caused this. It's just too big, even for him.

adorie2885d ago

TBH, they're both bad apples, it's just she is just so much better at hiding it than he is.

Soldierone2885d ago

He's quickly turning into a has been, she should just stay with someone famous to stay in the light.

Otherwise it will be like Nick Cannon, he will stay somewhat famous for no reason at all.

grifter0242885d ago

Cannon is only famous because he banged Carey and uses her influence to get on these "Talent," Shows as a commentator.

Justin Bieber is a follower and his little clique is taking advantage of him and Selena is losing her Disney following since she isn't on Disney anymore....I doubt they'll even be talked about in 2020.

FamilyGuy2885d ago

...That's a lot of followers

Odd that instagram could be so fragile though.