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Apple Announces CarPlay Infotainment System

Mashable: CarPlay will let iPhone users make calls, access messages, listen to music or use Maps in their cars using Siri-based voice control, touch controls, or standard knobs, dials and buttons in the car. Third party apps such as Spotify, Beats Radio, Stitcher and iHeartRadio are also supported.

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GamesnTechHead2792d ago

Are we really that addicted to technology? I've never bought into the phone in your car thing but that is just me.

gizmig2792d ago

I think yes we are that much addicted to technology I guess. I don't know about others but for me, I can't imagine my single day of my life without it.

ArtificiallyYours2792d ago

A more creative way to diminish an automobiles value.

vikram10082791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Apple Announces creative things to their customers and attract toward them.