Microsoft : The real entrepreneur

TechLucia: Microsoft has planned to release Windows for free! But what is Microsoft real plan? And why did it name it as 'Windows with Bing'?

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pandehz2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

''It wants to be No.1, so it might be an initial sacrifice to attain its position and hence why it shifted the Nokia from Windows platform to Android''

Lol this is wrong information. Nokia did not shift to Android, its making a line of Nokia X series phones which are called feeder phones that will make it easier to join the microsoft eco system. These phones will have a modified version of android that will have OneDrive, Skype etc etc but not Google's cloud n such.

Windows Phone 8 still has ambitious plans. Especially with the incoming WP 8.1 release and Virtual Asssitant Cortana(from Halo) Also your facts are wrong, WPhone is fastest growing in Europe and is rapidly catching up with the top two.

Nokia will still be churning out the awesome Lumias.

techlearner2881d ago

bro why did they make the first nokia smart phone to be on a android hybrid platform ,why they did not make lumia release before android.its because they they knew they could not create an fully compatible ui like that of the android

pandehz2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

The first Nokia smart phone was a symbian and that was actually one of the first smartphones.Also how is the first Nokia smart phone on android? Isnt Lumia which has been releasing for the past so many years on Windows?
This is a single release, Nokia will and mainly will focus on Windows Phone 8.1. WP8.1 is just siiiick and am looking forward to the huge updates. App store is booming, its almost out of control with the influx of apps lately.

I'm a phone afficionado and own numerous brands includng a few of apple too.

Win Ui is significantly better and lighter than android or ios. Also the tile customization is a pure killer feature. Office, windows , skype, one drive and bing integration etc etc is just perfect.
Siri uses bing for all of its AI search behaviour. Cortana will use the same too. Windows Phone 8.1 will slowly take over just watch.

I own a Galaxy S4 on the side too, younger bro has a Nexus, elder has a HTC One but they both want my 1020. Nuff said.