A Free Version of Windows 8.1 Could Be Coming, But At What Cost

PowerLeveled | Looking to break out against the rise of Android and iOS tablets, as well as the falling costs of the Macintosh OSX platform, Microsoft is currently experimenting with a fully free version of Windows 8.1. What could this mean for the future of Windows - and Microsoft as a whole?

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Stevefantisy2880d ago

This is an interesting concept for sure. Guess we will just have to wait and see what comes out of it for sure.

ROQFrost2880d ago

Windows 8 is bad and should have been free to begin with.

JoeIsMad2880d ago

No. No. Windows 8 - press the windows key. click. you're done.

There's no way that Windows 8 is bad, you just need to invest your time on it.

Magnus7012880d ago

This idea is bad and you should feel bad

Hi3i2880d ago

Wheres the free apple

JoeIsMad2880d ago

Apple OSX isn't free, but it did just get a price drop. If you read the article you'll see that's kind of EXACTLY why they are working with the free option...

gizmig2880d ago

Don't know what made them think so that it will increase the usage of Windows 8.

gamernova2880d ago

They're doing it because Apple offers their OS for free.

JoeIsMad2880d ago

Apple's OS is only a free upgrade from the latest version of OSX. Windows already has the 8.1 update available for free to 8.0 users - which is effectively the same thing OSX is doing.

m2stech2879d ago

Id rather have win98 all over again than win8

ROQFrost2879d ago

Yeah. I agree. Direct X 7 was awesome!

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