Sony to Continue to Release a New Flagship Smartphone Every 6 Months; Is It Wise?

SonyRumors: Sony plans to stick to their aggressive flagship smartphone strategy which will have the company release a new model every 6 months. Is it wise? We debate.

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bebitech2792d ago

Seems a bit too aggressive if you ask me

Kanedas_Bike2792d ago

Agreed, esp given the current state of the Corp.

Soldierone2791d ago

Don't like Apple when they do it, don't agree when other companies do it.

People get stuck in 2 year contracts. Even with the "no contract" stuff you are stuck paying for 2 years, unless you have enough money to pay off the phone. Which is basically the same as a early termination fee.

Sony has problems with things like this, and it sucks to see it keep happening. Soon they will have too many phones and the market will shrink on them.