Why is Nokia making Android phones?

The Verge- Relations between Microsoft and Google are as icy as Nokia's hometown of Espoo, Finland, which made it a bit of a shocker when Nokia — by far Microsoft's largest mobile partner — dropped an Android-shaped bomb on Windows Phone this week with the introduction of its X handsets.

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Strongfist362525d ago

The better question is why are they not doing it properly?

Spiewie 2525d ago

Why didn't they start making them earlier and actually did it right...

fatstarr2525d ago

they should stick to the bread and butter

Settler2524d ago

Now they don't have any choice, I guess :D

gizmig2524d ago

They should better start making it a bit earlier I guess. Now I don't have any idea how much they gonna succeed as others brands are already ruling the market with android.