Apple, If Samsung And Sony Can Make A Waterproof Phone, So Can You

TechCrunch- Just this week Samsung revealed the Galaxy S5. It’s water-resistant. Sony also announced the Xperia Z2, the waterproof successor to the also waterproof Z1. So where’s my waterproof iPhone? The technology and demand are here. Water-resistant or waterproof, Samsung and Sony’s latest flagships are waterproof enough that a drop in the toilet will not destroy the device. That’s what the iPhone needs. It needs to be toilet-proof.

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KingPin2799d ago

apple will make a waterproof phone and sue samsung and sony for using water to advertise the feature.

want a waterproof iphone...use vaseline.

iSpy2798d ago

You don't know Next iPhone might be a waterproof, dust-proof.