Sony to Close 20 out of 31 US Retail Stores

SonyRumors: Sony has officially announced that the company plans to close a majority of its retail stores in the US and keep only 11 outlets open, down from 31.

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allegrissima2797d ago

Sad stuff. I'll miss the Century City store in particular, but it's never a good day when anyone has to lose their job.

cell9892796d ago

I hope the on e in Vegas stays open

bebitech2797d ago

Sad indeed. The spiral continues

SilentNegotiator2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

They were actually in the black last quarter (Not year, their year sucked, but in the quarter they made profit because they made necessary cuts and released Ps4). They're cauterizing open, bleeding wounds so that the spiral does NOT continue.

joeorc2797d ago


"They're cauterizing open, bleeding wounds so that the spiral does NOT continue."

100% Exactly, since Kaz took over he told the Board of Directors what he intended to do, and he is following through with those directive cuts.

By making the entertainment Arm a 100% owned LLC that is not for public IPO hedge fund Mgr's Like Dan Lobe cannot get his hooks into the value centric parts of the company. these custs were needed and Kaz and the board know exactly where to move the company going forward.

Azmatik2797d ago

yes very sad indeed but I guess why have sony stores when you can buy sony products at every store

SITH2797d ago

No matter how you Sony kids spin it, it is still a down hill slide to bankruptcy for Sony. The playstation brand can in absolutely no way float the entire Sony boat.

MysticStrummer2796d ago

"No matter how you Sony kids spin it…"

Always a great way to encourage mature conversation.


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Kanedas_Bike2797d ago

This was predicted earlier this year. I will look for the article.

Kanedas_Bike2797d ago

Still remains massively sad

EvoNeonLover192797d ago

Nooo not the wrentham Store. Sony you already closed down the one in Providence, what are you doing to me? Both stores always had people in them.

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The story is too old to be commented.