Titanfall to Require 48GB of Storage - Optimization Concerns for PC

GamersNexus: "We know there will be more maps, but at a 4x size increase, it's almost a certainty that the textures have seen a big HD update. This is potentially good news for PC gamers used to high-fidelity, but screams 'poor optimization' to us. With files that large, pinging mechanical storage is going to be painful unless Respawn does some serious low-level compression, but at 48GB, something tells me they haven't done a lot of that to begin with."

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Spiewie 2882d ago

48GB is outrageous just wow...

fatstarr2882d ago

absolutely disgusting I know space is nothing now adays but that is nasty... 48gb of what?

NarooN2882d ago

I guess devs forgot what data compression was.