This is the new YotaPhone: A 5″ Android smartphone with a 4.7″ touchscreen e-ink display on the back

The Next Web- Russian handset maker Yota Devices has revealed details of its second generation e-ink display equipped YotaPhone today at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona.

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Settler2886d ago

Anyone please gift me please, I love to have one :D

Spiewie 2885d ago

Screen on the back ? sounds like a small inconvenience to me. Wouldn't buy this phone. but that's just me xD

Tidybrutes2885d ago

A lot of phones have glass on the back, id presume it wouldnt feel much different in the hand to something like a Iphone 4 or Xperia Z.

I just dont see how a second screen on the back would improve the user experience, i cant imagine many if any apps taking advantage of it other than pre installed software.

But I do agree with you id never buy one.