Blackphone: an Android phone that puts privacy first

The Verge- This is Blackphone. It's a smartphone born out of a growing desire for privacy, as months of leaks have proven that agencies like the NSA are monitoring our communications. It runs Android, which many might perceive as a relatively insecure mobile operating system; its makers, however, have made significant changes both visible and behind the scenes. They've relabeled it "PrivatOS."

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Settler2795d ago

Why not just get a Blackberry?

SnakeCQC2794d ago

Governments have put pressure on blackberry to obtain user info, which is what happened during the uk riots.

Spiewie 2794d ago

What a creative name haha sounds ridiculous but whatever floats their boat.

ironfist922794d ago

Interesting device. I hope it sells well enough to make a solid statement.

pompombrum2794d ago

Honestly I have no need for one but I hope they do well enough to send a solid statement about the need for privacy.