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Samsung Announces the Galaxy S5

PowerLeveled: Unveiled today at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be coming soon to your local mobile service provider.

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Stevefantisy2792d ago

Cool phone but I still like my HTC

JoeIsMad2792d ago

I have an S3 right now, and it's one of the best I've had. I'm just excited that the rear isn't akin to an ice cube anymore. I'd love to not have it slip out of my hand for no reason...

SniperControl2792d ago

Out of interest, has your S3 killed your SD card yet?

In 16 months, i am on my 3rd card. Problem has been recognised by Sammy, but they have done jack to fix it, Google it, you will see what i mean.
Also spoke to my provider, problem exists on S4 as well, it might just be on the S5.

It has put me right off Samsung phones, contract is up in 6 months, am looking to get the Sony Z2.

abzdine2791d ago

Sony just announced Xperia Z2. it trounces S5 in every possible way.

Azmatik2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

I rlly rlly wanted to get the Z2 but i absolutly HATE how the back, home, and options button are actually displayed on the screen i wish they would make more phones like samsung and have the touch buttons on the actually bottom of the body. There doesnt have to be the middle square physical button in the middle just make all three along the bottom. I think it wastes space on the screen and it feels very awkward reaching up even that little difference on a Z1 to press the back button. Alot of phones use it that way i wish more didnt.

Indo2791d ago

I stilling be using my Galaxy S4 tho.

Jacktrauma2792d ago

It looks awesome but ive had an ass full of companies releasing a new model every year >< Apple is awesome at that to. Sad thing is we continue to still buy the new models any way.

JoeIsMad2792d ago

I don't know about all that. I think that companies need to keep it refreshed for the better tech. Most people are only upgrading every 2 years anyhow.

The only berserk thing out there is this JUMP, PUSH, or whatever where you're paying for the phone every month until the end of time.

KingPin2792d ago

well they have to release new models every year. that doesn't mean you need to get the latest one all the time.

a phone generally lasts around 2 years (standard contract time limit) so for people who got phones in 2011 (s2 owners) then 2013 they will most likely upgrade to the S4. if they pulled a contract in 2012 (S3 owners) then 2014 they will most likely upgrade to S5. doesnt mean you got the s2, you need to get the s3, s4 and s5.

flagship phones last longer in my opinion. S2 for example is dual core, 1GB ram. 3 years later, its still a good phone to have. mid-range by todays standard but still does whats expected. not like we playing PS4 level graphics on mobile devices either.

Speed-Racer2792d ago

Right on point Kingpin. I never understood why people complain about companies releasing new phones every year. Get a new phone when your old one stops working, not when the company releases a new model.

Crazay2792d ago

I like some of what I see here but am still not thinking "OMG!! That's my next phone"...And I REALLY REALLY want a new phone. Also, I still think the S series phones have done themselves a great injustice by continuing to keep that face button. The Nexux phones don't have one and I love the clean look that provides.

mushroomwig2792d ago

'Sad thing is we continue to still buy the new models any way'

Speak for yourself, I'm happy with my 3 year old phone.

DeltaTracker2792d ago

I've been waiting to use my upgrade on the next Galaxy S, looks like April will be the time to move up!

JoeIsMad2792d ago

My upgrade isn't for a few months yet :(

If this isn't still the "next big thing" at that point, then I think it's still worth supporting, considering the update consistency with my existing.

mcstorm2792d ago

I am not not impressed with it. Samsung seem to of done an apple and run out of ideas as everything is just looking the same. for me the HTC one and Sony Z1/Z2 are the android phones to get excited about if you are looking for a new Android phone.

mcstorm2792d ago

The note 3 is not in the same class as the s5 though. Its a great phone but I am just compairing like for like phones. For me I like WP over Android and IOS but from what I have seen over the last few days I think the HTC One and Sony Z1 and Z2 are the better looking phones over the S5

eferreira2792d ago

Ohhhh the innovation, where's the recycled hate? Oh wait that's reserved only for Apple. I forgot Samsung can't do no wrong.

Typed from my galaxy tab 3. Mind blown.

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The story is too old to be commented.