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Nokia X series is official; comes with Android and Microsoft services

Maati.Tv - The smartphone world has been waiting for its first Android powered device by Nokia for a very long time. 3 years ago when Nokia chose Windows Phone as its OS of choice, that dream was all but dead. However things did not go as planned for Nokia during the past few years. They did release a lot of really fantastic looking phones, but the response from people was cold to say the least. Windows Phone did not take off the way they would have hoped. So in order have some foot in the phone market, Nokia has introduced the Nokia X series.

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bahabeast2796d ago

Going with windows was a horrible decision why would you go with the worst o/s next to blackberry for a company trying to restructure. All the lumnias are really nice quality phones with great cameras its just that windows app store its vcomplete garbage the os itself needs some work also and apps dnt work like they should.