Oculus Rift and Movies: Don’t Watch it, Live it wonders how Oculus Rift's integration into the film industry will change the way we view movies.

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Kos-Mos2795d ago

It will be too high price for the big consumer market. This will be a niche thing.
Also when I watch movies with other people I will not put on something that takes away the social aspect.
With this I don`t need my friends by my side anymore when watching movies.

Ogygian2795d ago

Buying three or four Rifts would replace the television (allowing far more free space in living rooms for something nice like a fireplace) .

Also do you not go to the cinema? You can't talk to your friends there, to the extent that you're basically watching the movie alone.
If you all wear the Rift but use surround sound speakers rather than headphones, you can still talk throughout the movie if that's your thing.

Kos-Mos2791d ago

I don`t think you fully understand what you loose human interaction-wise when putting on something like this.
I`ll try to explain. When you laugh, cry or get excited you always look at other people to see if they reacts in the same way, just to get some sort of confirmation.
With this, you loose a lot.

fatstarr2795d ago

the future looks super bright.

iliimaster2795d ago

jerassic park?! oh man what about prono too! surrounded by ladies

SilentNegotiator2795d ago

In order to do anything significant with it, you would need to do everything in CGI or film from a large number of angles. I just don't see the Rift/VR having a large affect on the movies industry.

The game industry is a different story all together. Everything is rendered on the fly anyway and it makes sense to look left and right while playing a game (as opposed to not looking at the important part of a shot in a film).

N4g_null2795d ago

The red dragon 4k 6k hd cams shoot in 3d also. Still a limited angle but two cams could do 180 easy. That is real 3d there. Would be worth it too.

Soldierone2795d ago

Doesn't matter if it can, you still need to set up and prepare the entire scene in a 180 degrees EVERY single time you filmed.

Sets need to be built all around, actors all around, nobody standing by, etc....

N4g_null2795d ago

Nope two cams angled just right should pull off 180 3d view. It would be nice to try but one red dragon is 50k.

rhcpfan2795d ago

It'd be really intriguing to watch an Enter The Void type movie with this thing.

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