This Man's $600,000 Ad Disaster On Facebook Is A Warning For All Small Business Owners

Business Insider- Raaj Kapur Brar runs a small but successful empire of online fashion magazines from his base just outside Toronto. Some of his titles are huge online brands, such as Fashion & Style Magazine, which has 1.6 million Facebook fans.

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GamesnTechHead2795d ago

Read this article elsewhere (I think it was reddit) and it's a shocking story. I'll never be touching Facebook ads that is for sure.

Audiggity2794d ago

I've run a number of small to mid-sized FB ad campaigns. As long as they are targeted and relevant, with budget caps in place, I normally see solid results.

In about 50-60% of the time those results turn into recurring revenue.

$600k sounds extreme if you were unsure of the platform to begin with. Always test the water before putting media buys in place at that magnitude.

Speed-Racer2794d ago

I've realized you can't waste your money on developing nations. Target the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, etc. DO NOT waste money on places like India, Indonesia, Mexico, etc. As discriminating as it sounds, it seems to be the only solution atm until Facebook does something about those click farms.

Audiggity2794d ago

Until there is an active anti-fraud measure similar to what Google has deployed in AdWords (which still has some issues). I agree with you on that advice.

Unless it is a pure awareness push without ROI requirements... heed caution!

SilentNegotiator2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

That doesn't sound discriminating at all; click farms are an issue. And you're an Admin, so you can tell anyone that claims it to be discriminate to sit on a pike :)

fatstarr2794d ago

finally exposed, i gave up on facebook one they thought they figured me out wit some bs algorithm that would spit out what I would like by the same people instead of showing me everything.