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Court orders Canadian ISP to reveal customers who downloaded movies

The Globe and Mail- In a pivotal courtroom battle over unauthorized downloading in Canada, a Federal Court has handed down a major ruling – one that has all sides claiming victory.

Canadian Internet service provider TekSavvy Solutions Inc. has been ordered to hand over a list of names and addresses of its customers suspected of illegally downloading movies, in a landmark Federal Court decision.

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matt1392891d ago

That is beyond terrible!

kingPoS2891d ago

Uh oh, sound like Voltage are trying to turn TekSavvy into a warden for their own purposes. They want a pick of the crop so-to-speak so they can troll at leisure. This can't be any good.

Anthotis2891d ago

Time for Anonymous to get to work..

cyclindk2891d ago (Edited 2891d ago )

Court is going to order techspy to reveal the IP addresses and names of everyone of us.. I mean you who agreed with the above comment.

Speed-Racer2891d ago

DivineHand1252891d ago

This might make some citizens migrate south to avoid prosecution.

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