Steve Jobs threatened Palm’s CEO, plainly and directly, court documents reveal

Pando- Another lesson from the Silicon Valley wage theft suit, which I first reported here, is what can happen to even powerful tech CEOs who make the fatal mistake of standing up to monopoly power. It’s a lesson former Palm Inc CEO Edward Colligan learned the hard way.

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SJIND1726d ago

Surprise!! Jobs was a such a jerk?

thorstein1725d ago

But why is there a picture of Ashton Kutcher on the article?

Speed-Racer1725d ago

Cause they did a movie about Jobs and Kutcher was the star.

thorstein1725d ago

lulz...what? This is about Steve Jobs not the movie or the movie star!


Speed-Racer1725d ago

Maybe OP doesn't know the difference XD. I dunno

mafiahajeri1725d ago

Looks like ibrahimovic to me

maniacmayhem1725d ago

Because Ashton Kutcher is really Steve Jobs...gaaasp!

*queue twilight zone music*

UltimateMaster1725d ago

And they waited after his death to reveal this because?... they knew he wasn't around to give his version of the story.

Onixg5mer1725d ago

nope this is the real Steve Jobs look closer.

thorstein1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )


Oh really?

Heh, they did make him look an awful lot like the young Steve Jobs, Kutcher.

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Joey_Leone1725d ago

He was a jerk to those that had no passion for art and simplicity. Im glad he was a control freak, he changed everything, you cant deny that. He was never a sellout and ignored those who criticized his work and vision.

Pricey1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Oh my god, there is no hope.... The guy was trying to screw his employees, "You are mine now, you can only work for me". Just please climb out his rotting ass.

fr0sty1725d ago

steve jobs was notorious for being an asshole.

Bimkoblerutso1726d ago

Of course he was a douche, and his rule over Apple was probably overall more damaging to the market than it was beneficial. There has been substantial evidence of that fact for many, many years.

But that iPhone is so sexy and user friendly, so....'MERICAN HERO!!!

Nocando1725d ago

Ok, the "'Merica" thing has become quite old and tired.

Bimkoblerutso1725d ago

Oh, I'm very sorry about that. I'll start spreading the word.

Speed-Racer1725d ago

Ok I shouldn't be encouraging this.

*Better than that Racer-X, we talked about this*

Joey_Leone1725d ago

He saved Apple when the company was about to go bankrupt. Pretty sad when you get fired from your own company, then they call you back a decade later to save the company

mcstorm1725d ago

Jobs did not quite save apple Microsoft did that what jobs did was revolutionized the way smart phones worked for the none tech users. I am no fan of Apple or Jobs but what he did with the iPhone was a great idea as he made a dumb phone a smart phone for none tech users the same with tablets. The masses now use tablets and smart phones because of apple and ios.

I always though wimo was thru better os just never had the hardware to back it until the HTC hd2.

Jobs was a very smart man when it came to apple the 2nd time and has made them what they are today but I do think if he was still there now apple would have declined as he only had one idea and vision for the company. Now the new people are in charge it could go one way or the other as apple need changes to there products but need to keep there current fan base happy and try and bring new users in too.

Agent_hitman1725d ago

lol I think this is all true..

RAWSTA1725d ago

Look who's laughing now.

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