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Microsoft Keeps Pushing Windows 8 with Microsoft Office, but do People Really Care?

Microsoft Office is old, very old. Should it really be the number one selling point for an operating system released in 2014?

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Yi-Long3509d ago

I simply use OpenOffice. It does the job fine for my (very limited) needs. LibreOffice is supposedly also a great alternative.

So Microsoft Office is nowhere near being a system seller.

If MS wants me to buy new systems, they'd go back to bundling it with Windows 7.

KingPin3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

you should rather use LibreOffice. OpenOffice was taken over by Apache who have since dwindled on support for it.
LibreOffice is where all the openOffice developers went and its much more supported and refined. the development times are faster and they actually listen to the community when it comes to adding features to later releases.

I dont have any gripes with windows 8 aside from the tablet-like UI. its just feels odd to scroll with a mouse when using your finger on the screen seems more suitable. (sucks for people who dont have touch screen laptops, which includes me). under the hood though, windows 8 is an upgrade. my thing is if they short of ideas for UI, just look at all the linux desktop themes and pick one.

but its because of the windows 8 UI gripes i actually switched to Linux (trying mint and ubuntu) and i must say, i shouldve switched over sooner. i only been using it for the last year, give or take few months, and i haven't felt the need to upgrade to a new Windows. dual booting between 7 and linux works fine for me.

Yi-Long3508d ago

Thanks KingPin, next time I'll install a freeware Office package, I'll choose Libre :)

For now, I basically only use OpenOffice as a very basic text-editor, so it will do :)


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