How much work do you put into finding a new phone?

PhoneDog- Searching for the perfect new phone can be an exciting adventure whenever it's finally time to upgrade. As exciting as it might be, however, it could also be considered an equally daunting task if you're going to be using your new phone for the better part of two years. We all know that technology ages pretty quickly, and as expensive as phones are it's important to find the phone that you think you'll be able to keep for a long time coming.

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gizmig2799d ago

Depends on your budget and the features you need.

KingPin2799d ago

unless you an Apple bot in that case not much time at all.
Apple bot: iphone 5, gotta have it.
normal person: its not much different from the 4s which you upgraded to last year.
Apple bot: do i look like i care. its the iphone 5. iphone FIIIIVVVEEEE!!!!!