Is there still room for Ubuntu smartphones on the market?

PhoneDog- When you hear the word 'Ubuntu', it's more than likely not the first time you've ever heard of the word. Although not very well known in the smartphone industry, the word is often associated in a close cousin of the smartphone: the PC. Ubuntu, as of right now, is the most popular desktop Linux distribution.

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Gondee2886d ago

Of course there is room. It will never be an instant hit, but if they work at it, and refine it properly into a superior product I don't see how it couldn't. I recently switched to android from IOS (note 3) and while I do think its a great phone, so much of the software feels...amateur. I wont list all my gripes, but its the simple things android seems to do poorly/inefficiently and the big things it does so uniquely well. Another choice would be fantastic, if for no other reason than I love phones, phones that are different.