Windows Hate – Was Windows 8 Doomed From the Start?

Gamer Headlines: Windows 8 has done very poorly, but is the OS to blame?

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Yi-Long2890d ago

The OS is partly to blame, simply because it's an OS aimed at touch-screen portable devices, while there are many people who absolutely don't want a touch-screen OS when they're working on a desktop or laptop.

It simply doesn't fit the needs of many sitting behind a desk.

Windows 7 was pretty much perfect, in terms of functionality.

They wanted to force 1 OS on too many diffenent devices, but these devices are used in different ways, so that makes little sense.

Not only did it make me absolutely not want Windows 8 for any new PC or laptop I might buy, but the whole thing has even put me completely off from even considering ever buying a Windows phone or tablet.

RobbyGrob2890d ago

The OS (or rather its maker) is definitely to blame. I and pretty much everyone i know loved the idea of Windows 8. All the improvments sounded great and everyone was really excited as we thought MS had learned from their previous mistakes and was going to realease something great.

The hatred for Windows 8 is definitely not prejudice. How could you dislike something with so many advertised improvements? Most of us either started hating it or loving it when we actually got to try it, during the free trial. That's when all went haywire, and not before.

Before the trial i was in love with the idea. After the trial i was in shock with what a terribly inefficient and un-ergonomic interface MS had conceived. Windows 8 is flat-out unhealthy to use with a mouse. Getting rid of the the Start-menu, which is the best creation that MS has ever created, was in itself also an unbelievably bad and completely unnecessary idea.

MS deserves as much backlash from this incredible mediocre product as possible so that they can go back to working on their excellent REAL Windows; the one meant to be used with a mouse.