Google Fiber possibly coming to 34 cities including Atlanta, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Jose

Vyralize: Just a few days ago, we wrote about Google wanting to boost its Fiber speeds up to 10Gbps in its service areas within the next three years. Now they’ve officially announced that 34 cities within 9 metro areas are under consideration for their Fiber Gigabit Internet service.

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gizmig2800d ago

I hope it come soon as in India and in other countries.

RE_L_MAYER2800d ago

well it will be at least 50 more years untill my swamphole gets that as we dont even have charter yet

kingPoS2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Make it rain in Chicago Google, make it rain!

4K TV streaming... seems like such a pipe dream with what ISP's like comcast currently are doing.

Software_Lover2799d ago

When they say Atlanta, I hope the mean the Atlanta Metro area, and if they mean the Metro Area, I hope they mean Henry county lol.

kingPoS2799d ago

Maybe Google trying to shame the slower US ISP's into doing better. If comcast is still holding back with 150mbps in three years time, the ISP paid politicians might actually start actually feeling dirty. lol

10gb > 150mb, That would make anyone else seem lazy in comparison. It's not called progress if you're standing still or blocking others from what needs to be done. laying down fiber. I think that's why cable companies like timewarner were stalling/c***blocking, they wanted to sell fiber speeds first (after ten more years of wait) Lobbying to keep the status quo will only gain them more ire in the future.

YES!!!... shame them into submission, it's probably the the only way we'll have better service in the end.

fr0sty2799d ago

There is no way comcast could meet google fiber speeds without completely restructuring their fiber optic infrastructure. Cable lines just can't handle carrying 10gbps to each home, nor can Uverse or any other DSL-like service.

Sadly, my city is very old, and therefore very hard to do fiber optic rollouts in because there is very little new construction going on. Fiber is usually rolled out in new subdivisions first, as they can lay the fiber while the ground is still under construction without having to pay a bunch of money to tear up streets and sidewalks. only the areas on the outskirts of my city qualify for that.

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The story is too old to be commented.