Loop Wallet : A trend setting app now available for users!

Techlucia : It is indeed super cool to even hear that payments at shopping places , mega stores , etc. can be done with your little iPhone .It is made possible by a new app called "LoopWallet" ..

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gizmig2803d ago

I think there is already an app to make payments by your iPhone.

prodigy10112802d ago

Yea there is ... But , this is the first app that makes your iPhone act as a portable credit card i.e. this uses your credit card details to pay . Something different from Google wallet , paypal , etc .. which are used for making online payments

csr2801d ago

looking forward to the android version of it ... but how safe is it ?

prodigy10112801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

might be trustworthy !! will get to know on its reliability in a matter of few weeks !! lets wait and watch ...