You May Soon Be Able To Mirror Your Android Screen To Your TV With Chromecast

ReadWrite- Soon you may be able to mirror what's on your Android smartphone or tablet to your television through Chromecast.

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Spiewie 2800d ago

Chromecast seem to be great pretty cheap to for all the things they do.

thereapersson2799d ago

I could already do this on my Motorola Photon with the mini HDMI cable. I wish more manufacturers would implement mini HDMI...

360ICE2799d ago

Isn't it a completely different thing to do it wirelessly, though?

NumOnePS3FanBoy2799d ago

the point with the chromecast though is that it will work with any android device wirelessly withough mini hdmi cables, making them pointless

gizmig2800d ago

Yes, it is. Seems to be a great device for streaming videos on Smart TV via smartphones.

Whitey2k2799d ago

I already stream my video via imedia

Jihaad_cpt2799d ago

Sony already do this with their Bravia range as well as via HDMI

wannabe gamer2799d ago

i just dont see a real need for this. if you have a TV and the only means of watching/streaming something is to do this with a phone then maybe you shouldnt really have a TV.

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