Cut Out Your Texting While Driving

Android Waypoint: Some helpful tips to cut out the dangerous habit that is Texting while Driving.

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Spiewie 2893d ago

Texting while driving is just so stupid... Putting lives at risk because someone asks you "wua ?" or something equally stupid.

AmneonX2893d ago

I agree, and while the hands free approach is not a perfect fix, its safer than eyes glued to a phone.

Speed-Racer2892d ago

How about you just put your phone down? Can't you live without your phone for a little while?

AmneonX2892d ago

Some younger people, are constantly glued to their phones. So at least if they are using bluetooth, they are no longer looking at the screen.

Speed-Racer2892d ago

I'd just raise the penalty to something like $10,000 if caught using your cellphone. Using ANY device while driving still takes away from your concentration on the road.

gizmig2892d ago

It is like an invitation to death.

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