Airtel offers special 4G plan for Apple iPhone users in Bangalore

My Tech Update: Airtel India’s leading mobile operator has become the first operator to start 4G LTE services for smartphones in India. They have started 4G LTE services in the IT capital of India Bangalore. But as of now these 4G services will only become active on iPhone 5S and 5C as these are the only devices which support the 2,300 MHz spectrum on which 4G LTE is functional. Huawei Ascend P1 is another device which is compatible with 2,300 MHz band. 4G services on mobiles will soon to launched in other cities as well. Airtel plans to offer 4G internet at 3G rates and will give you speeds with which you can download most of the data within blink of an eye. 4G LTE is 10-15 times faster than 3G internet which means you can easily download a movie within 3-4 minutes and watch HD video’s without a hitch.

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