Sony Xperia G Specifications and Live Picture Leaks Out

TechImperia - With the MWC 2014 event being just around a few days away, we all know leaks are bound to happen in this era of technology and already we have seen the leaks of the Galaxy S5, new HTC Desire, the Nokia X and the latest leak to add prestige to this ever growing list of leak smartphones is the new mid range device from Sony i.e. the new Xperia G which we may get our hands on in just few days.

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gizmig2805d ago

Tired of listening to the news related to leaking of specification of the upcoming devices.

TechImperia2804d ago

I believe this is just the beginning

gizmig2804d ago

If that is beginning then I am afraid that rather than having leak specification people will have the leaked devices itself.

IceKoldKilla2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

@gizmig Like iPhone a while back? Wasn't it the iPhone 4 or something that was found at a bar or restaurant? I remember something like that. Hahaha

Speed-Racer2804d ago

The iPhone incident was a legit leak imo but these crappy media sites dubbing planned info releases as "leaks" is just annoying now. I remember when they released the S4, the specs were officially officially released some hours before and Android sites were like "LEAKED SPECS". Kinda bothersome.

Spiewie 2804d ago

I wonder if this phone will perform as good as the Moto G at a similar price.

TechImperia2803d ago

Moto G will be hard to compete at that price... so doesnt think so..