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Obvious advances in technology (just think of Boston Dynamics, Google Glass, or NEST) happen everyday, and with them questions of privacy, which seem to be a large focus of news outlet’s these days. With the discovery of the NSA spying not only on it’s citizens but virtually anyone with a smartphone, it may seem that we already live in an Orwellian society. AI, however, is a completely different yet ultimately more dangerous concept, and one which can get ugly — fast. Like, Matrix Ugly.

Think of the most powerful supercomputer you can; now multiply the power of that supercomputer by infinity an you have your Artificial Super Intelligence, or ASI for short.

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Nubix2232810d ago

Interesting find and point of view, never thought of Artificial Intelligence that way before

StealthTactics2809d ago

Yeah, the article brings up some interesting points, definitely thought provoking;

AI is an interesting subject, and one which obviously many are researching, and it's definitely one which no one is really sure of where it's going