Windows 8 passes 200 million license sales

The Verge: Microsoft has been rather quiet about its risky Windows 8 bet. The company passed 100 million license sales of Windows 8 after around six months, but a year on the market came and went without any real update on its progress. "We’ve surpassed 200 million licenses now on Windows 8, which is pretty stunning," says Microsoft’s Tami Reller, speaking at a Goldman Sachs technology conference today. After a year of Windows 7 sales Microsoft was celebrating more than 240 million licenses, so it’s clear Windows 8 is moving slower than its predecessor.

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GameSpawn2897d ago

The question is, are these "true" Windows 8 licenses/sales?

Microsoft has been known to bolster their numbers with licenses that were sold to businesses with "downgrade rights" attached to them. This means Microsoft counts a Windows 8 sale, but the machine is in actually running Windows 7. They did this with Vista too (machines were downgrade right'ed to XP).