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32 and 46-inch Android Coffee Tables to hit the market soon

Hack & Stuff- he world has seen plenty of weird products that run Android operating system, like MetaTrend’s Espresso Maker; Samsung’s refrigerator with a 10-inch touchscreen display, Wi-Fi & DLNA; Touch Revolution Washer/Dryer; Touch Revolution Microwave – you name it. But who would have thought to come up with the idea of producing 32 and 46-inch Android Coffee Tables?

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SilentNegotiator2900d ago

Meh. I'd rather just have a nice coffee table and a tablet. But I guess this could be handy for business settings and presentations?

awiseman2900d ago

Whats funny is Microsoft tried this a decade ago and it never took of. Ironically it was called the Microsoft Surface. But this wouldnt be the first time Microsoft was early to the party it happened with tablets as well.

SilentNegotiator2900d ago

I doubt it will be anything today with Android, either. It's just not practical for many situations.

360ICE2899d ago

I was thinking that you were refering to their current line of Laptops / Tablets that go under the same name, but I see now that they actually did make a coffee table.

Rveryone was early to the party with tablets though. There are tons of PDAs, reading and drawing boards that a quite similar to modern tablets, yet iOS was the first operating system to make them seem useful to most people.

Crazay2899d ago

at the time, the main focus for that application was for point of sale in the retail space. I still see it working in that realm to be honest. Especially now with the shift towards being just empty store fronts with minimal inventory.

Raven772899d ago

It is practical and it could have many great uses.

Use it as a second TV when someone is watching something you dont want to.

Companies can release digital-board games. No more searching for missing pieces and having games stacked in the closet.

Could be used as an "art table" for young children, giving them a giant canvas with a wide variety of things to do.

Apps that make it look like other things, like looking down into a fish tank, etc. could provide very artistic, cool looking, and fun diversions during parties, etc.

TwistedMetal2899d ago

yep you are right not to mention having photos and such on there to show family and friends and whatnot. it would be pretty cool.