Former designer on working at Apple: It’s not that great

Yahoo Finance- "I felt more like I was a teenager working at a crappy retail job than a professional working at one of the greatest tech companies in the world,” wrote mobile software designer Jordan Price of his experience as an Apple employee in an essay posted to the blog Apple Daily.

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gizmig2898d ago

Definitely the mentor and the team leader will effect the way you work together in the team at the work place.

Spiewie 2898d ago

Well I think he's just seeking attention talking crap about Apple...

Vengeance11382897d ago

I think you're seeking attention thinking Apple is as good as you think they are. Lazy, unimaginative company with lackluster, uninspiring products.

Spiewie 2897d ago

I never bought an Apple product so I can't judge but the figures say that they make a lot of money so they must have something....

eferreira2897d ago

I take it your a fanboy of another product. Call Apple users sheep, dumb and other stuff. But guess what, It's doesn't affect your life.

To sit there and be angry over someone who doesn't like a piece of technology that isn't to your liking is pretty pathetic.

Acadius2897d ago

Apple is the reason why you're using the touchscreen smartphone. Funny how people like you bash other companies but don't comprehend the irony. Then again, you're a troll with a limited lexicon of thought. A Rhodes Scholar, you are not.

Vengeance11382894d ago

Seems the majority agrees with me and not you blind Apple supporters. So please do continue purchasing your overpriced Apple tech, which Apple does not even fully make themselves. Like that camera in your Iphone? You can thank Sony for it!

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RE_L_MAYER2897d ago

if it wasnt for itunes diarrhea I would probably get one

shammgod2897d ago


iTunes is the bane of my existence