Earth Bids China’s Yutu Moon Rover Farewell Forever

Universe Today- China’s maiden moon rover ‘Yutu’, beloved by millions, has been lost.

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SJIND1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Not surprised, China's space program is still very new, and very immature.

ScubbaSteve1734d ago

There's a made in china joke somewhere in there.

gizmig1735d ago

RIP Yutu! That is what they called it.

windblowsagain1734d ago

In 2014.

Yet people want me to believe that NASA landed on the moon in the 60's. hahahahahahahah.

Moon landings were done in a studio.

5eriously1734d ago

All I can gather from this comment is that there were a lot of idiots born since the 60's.

Genetic inheritance is a bugger at best in some cases.

windblowsagain1734d ago

Yeah i know, 5eriously

And NASA thinking about the RED PLANET. Isn't going to happen.

But yeah if you want to get personal.

Your probably a sheeple and i'm guessing owns an xbox and iphone.

But hey, if you believe man went on the moon. I won't stop you.

Speed-Racer1734d ago

@windows - I think 5eriously is talking about you, not the believers of the moon landing. Also, from what I'm seeing here, this is a Chinese product, not American. Finally, this is just one of the few failures vs. the many successful missions. There are satellites currently orbiting the far edges of our solar system for many years and are still functioning like champions.

SilentNegotiator1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

China's space program losing a rover is to NASA not being able to make it to Mars, as a child dropping his ice cream cone is to no adults ever being able to eat a double-scoop ice cream cone ever again.

JohnnyAkiba1734d ago

Even if the rover stops working. Is still a big achievement just the soft landing.

Speed-Racer1734d ago

Now there's an update that Yutu may not be lost for good just yet. They picked up a signal, so at least they MIGHT be able to recover it somehow.

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