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Experiment Alleges Facebook is Scamming Advertisers out of Billions of Dollars

The Daily Heap- The world's largest social media network is scamming advertisers out of billions of dollars, according to a popular science blog who put Facebook's paid reach system to the test.

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Speed-Racer2805d ago

I spent $100 on a test promoted campaign targeting the US and Canada only along with two selected tech product preferences. The expected range was 10k-20k readers. Sadly, I only got a little over 1000 readers actually SEEing it and only 100 who engaged. Only 3 actually clicked through with two comments. There is a serious problem all round with their marketing campaign and I personally would say it;s a waste of money after trying it a few times.

adorie2804d ago

Insightful. Thank you for sharing that with us.