What the Heck is Happening to Windows?

Winsupersite- When critics described Windows 8.1 as a step backwards, I disagreed: Responding to customer complaints is never wrong, I argued, and the new version of the OS made it more acceptable on the many different types of PCs and devices on which Windows now runs.

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Speed-Racer2812d ago

Windows 8.1 isn't bad from what I heard but I hope they get their act together with Win 9. Have distinct platform selections depending on the device.

360ICE2810d ago

Windows 8.1 is really nice. Went straight from 7 to 8.1 and rarely look back.

gizmig2811d ago

I don't like Windows 8 personally and many of my friends too don't like it much.

Pillsbury12811d ago

I'm done with windows, I just switched to dual booting ubuntu. It's free and open source making it much more secure, it is nearly impossible to get a virus on linux.

Wikkid6662811d ago

LOL! clueless much. Open source makes something more secure. Try just the opposite.

GameSpawn2810d ago

Actually it does make it more secure because of the number of developers available to close up security holes.

Microsoft attacks security problems with a specific RISK strategy that is heavily based on how difficult the security exploit is to perform, how many people could be affected by the exploit, and how much skill is required to discover the hole and exploit it to begin with. So naturally LOTS of security bugs in Windows (literally THOUSANDS) can go unfixed for a good chunk of the OS's lifespan.

Linux is a whole different ballgame. Because of the sheer number of people available to go over the code, notice security holes and fix them is mind boggling in comparison to Windows. Most security exploits discovered in Linux barely last a day before the community already has a fix or temporary work around until the next kernel is released. Microsoft with proprietary code just does not have this luxury -- Apple either for that matter (Mac OS is a Unix core, like Linux, but has a butt load of proprietary code on top).

CyberCam2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Well said Game Spawn!

If people only knew, how insecure Windows is... the people that truly care about their privacy, they wouldn't use it.

I use Windows 7 for the games I can't be bothered to fight with in wine. I also use 7/8/8.1 as well for testing apps commercially for clients.

I do everything else on Linux or Mac. I use all 3 OS's btw... IT admin/support is what I do for a living so I have to use them all.

Win 8/8.1 does have issues other issues with certain apps as well besides the interface, but it's getting bit better.

Jonoc332810d ago

I honestly don't see what's so bad about Windows 8? Yeah it had a few problems with regards to user experience but once you get around those problems and learn how to use it properly I find it way better than earlier Windows versions. People just need to stop being so critical.

GraveLord2811d ago

Windows 8 isn't that bad, the problem is that there isn't any that good about it. There's no reason to upgrade from Windows 7.

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s45gr322810d ago

I prefer Ubuntu over Windows more secure and more customizable the fact is easy to use doesn't hurt. The only reason I still use Windows is for the games

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