eBay Flappy Bird loaded iPhone 5S reaches $99,900 bid mark…and continues to grow

Vyralize: Now that Flappy Bird has been officially removed from both the Google Play and iTunes stores, an eBay user has put up a used AT&T iPhone 5S for sale with Flappy Birds pre-installed on it. Since then, the phone’s bid price has skyrocketed to $99,990.00 with 6 days and 10 hours of bidding time left.

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Crazay2901d ago

Idiots and their money

SilentNegotiator2901d ago

What money? These are clearly troll bids; most of the other listings have ZERO bids.

GentlemenRUs2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

It's just trolls bidding on it... You can find this APP's install file anywhere on the internet.

Speed-Racer2901d ago

And soon fools will be parted with their money. At least I hope so.

ALICE6662901d ago

I wonder how much my 4S with flappy birds is worth.. I'll take only 5000 dollars.. anyone? :P

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